Virtual Professional Development Events 2021

Virtual Professional Development Events 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, virtual events have become the new normal. The best executive assistant tools for these events ~ Zoom, MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, etc. helped turn our events virtual. Surprisingly, these virtual meet-ups turned out to be highly beneficial for the masses as they had a whole bunch of pros. They are highly interactive and even help save time and resources. Moreover, executive assistants from all around the world can come together and be on the same page, giving them opportunities to learn, grow and even get some entertainment from the web.

Professional Development events and activities are considered crucial for organizational tools for executive assistants profession and career, as these events provide a vast range of training sessions and activities. Getting to learn and grow professionally, is a must in these events as they are designed in a way that one is ought to learn and explore the professional path of life. 

Here are some of the most well-known and engaging virtual events coming up this year: 

Rhonda Scharf’s Conference

Rhonda Scharf is a well-known author and trainer from Ottawa. She’s known for her realistic and interactive training programs and speeches. She has helped a number of organizations through her speeches and guided many teams to the path of success and efficiency. These helpful insights are shared by her in her conferences and events, which are conducted virtually. As a professional in her field, she is the best at what she does and will get you and your team on the right track. Her tips on communication, administration, and effectiveness are so beneficial and practical that organizations seeking help come out thriving every time. 

Lucy Brazier’s Event

Lucy Brazier is the CEO of Marcham Publishing house, an international speaker and an author. She's known for training professionals and works as currently the most up-to-date trainer in the field. This training is carried out virtually through online forums where she conducts conferences. Through the 2020 virtual conference by Ms. Lucy, people from all around the globe managed to get insight into adapting to the new work-life and working in a sustainable way for their organizations and themselves.  

ELS Forums

ELS, otherwise known as Executive Leadership Support, is a virtual forum that provides career development training to professionals working in various administrations. They conduct online sessions where the profiles and professional lives of administrative professionals are improved through the creation of an educational outlet that inspires growth and community.

Office Dynamics

When it comes to executive assistant development training, Office Dynamics takes the lead. It is a global company, leading the industry in coaching executives and professionals in different administrations. Office dynamics has been around for over 28 years and the virtual event conducted by them in 2020 was one of the best ones so far. 

APC Event

The Administrative Professionals Conference (APC) was an annual virtual conference conducted in Canada in 2020. It was an extremely beneficial and insightful conference that trained organizations in increasing their productivity and upgrading their skills, leading to superior performance and even better results. This year, it is planned to be held live in Chicago

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