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Tools to make your workstream a dream


Smart Scheduler


Copy and paste potential meeting times seamlessly across time zones.

Booking Links

Attendees pick meeting slots & confirm with just a click.

Group Scheduling

Let attendees vote on preferred times without the mental gymnastics.

Meeting Logs

View the status of all pending and scheduled meetings.

To-Do List

Task Management

Supercharge your To-Do List by organizing by label and executive.

Recurring tasks

Set reminders for recurring tasks like creating agendas and pulling reports.

Time Tracking

Enjoy the satisfaction of checking-off completed tasks and tracking your time-spent.


Monitor your efficiency and show your value in peformance reviews.

Executive Profiles

Store Information

Securely store vital information like logins, preferences, and key contacts.

Share Profiles

Seamlessly share whatever information you choose when you need a backup.

Ironclad Security

Rest assured knowing Cabinet follows SOC 2 protocols and always keeps your data private.


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Meet EAs in your industry, city, and career path.

Grow Together

Participate in webinars and events to learn best practices from other high-performing EAs.

Ask our Cabinet members

Jenn Broadbent

Director of Administrative Support at Turbocam International

“Cabinet’s Analytics allow me to track how I spend my time as well as that of my direct reports. This helps to create awareness for our senior leadership team who would otherwise be blind."

LJ Cohen

Executive Assistant at UnCork Capital

“Cabinet's scheduling tool is a life saver. This was obviously designed by EAs who understand scheduling from the ground up.”

software used by administrative assistant

Jessica Stuart

Executive Assistant at YourSix

“I could not juggle these crazy, ever-changing schedules without this software.

Empowering You to Build The Best Workflow

Built for Assistants

Tools optimized for efficiency and productivity — and built for Assistants by former Assistants.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to build the workflow that works best for you.

Ironclad Security

Unparalleled end-to-end security and cutting-edge privacy features that have your back.


Plans & Pricing

Is there a free version of Cabinet?

Yes. You can use the Basic tier of Cabinet for free, forever. Included in this tier is Cabinet’s streamlined scheduling features.

Is the trial really free?

Yes. The Essentials and Pro trial really is free for 14-days. Onboarding just takes a couple of minutes, so trying out Cabinet is easy and worth it.

How much does Cabinet cost?

Basic is free. The Essentials tier costs $12/month or $15/month, depending on the respective contract length. The Pro tier costs $31/month or $39/month, depending on the respective contract length as well.

Can I sign up my entire team to Cabinet?

Of course. Email our support team at We’d be happy to accommodate more teammates.


What kind of security do you provide for sensitive information?

At Cabinet, we respect the trust that users give to us on behalf of themselves and their organizations. We take that responsibility seriously, ensuring that security is a fundamental consideration in everything we do. This includes the development and deployment of our digital products but also extends further to include hiring, employee education, daily operations, and more. Please email us at and request to see a copy of our Security Whitepaper. We’d be happy to share more details about our encryption policies and data security strategies.


Do you offer a Google & Outlook calendar integration?

Yes. Cabinet is a verified API partner of Google and Microsoft Outlook, meaning you can securely authenticate your account and access all of the calendar data you need to quickly and accurately offer times to meeting attendees.

Can I connect my executive’s Zoom accounts for faster scheduling?

Yes. In the Essentials and Pro tier, you can connect multiple Zoom accounts and assign personal meeting links. We also support Google Meet and Microsoft Teams video conferencing links across all tiers.


Does my executive need an account?

No. One of our core philosophies is that Cabinet should be centered around the EA/Admin, not the executive. You will be the core user and you will reap the productivity benefits! Of course, executives absolutely benefit from your improved efficiencies.

Can I collaborate with my Admin colleagues?

We love to hear this question. Yes, of course. We encourage collaboration between EAs and Admins through Cabinet. The primary way Cabinet supports customers to collaborate internally with their teams is by sharing Executive Profiles securely when they’d like to assign a back-up. We are working on increasing collaboration tools for areas such as scheduling & task management. Stay tuned.


Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of our Essentials and Pro plans. Of course, the Basic tier is free forever!

Can I see a demo of the product?

At this time, we can only accommodate demos for admin teams larger than 5 people. If that is the case for you and your team, please select a time here. We’d love to chat with you. Otherwise, we encourage you to try out the product either on Basic tier for free or by selecting the 14-day trial of Essentials or Pro. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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