What it does

Create more time for people

Cabinet is a scheduling platform that helps you offer times, manage contacts, and identify weaknesses and opportunities on your calendar.

Scheduling solutions

Cabinet provides flexibility, control, and personalization for individuals and enterprises

Group scheduling polls

Avoid endless group booking email threads

Booking links

Share personalized links for specific people or reusable links for multiple people.

Meeting log

Easily keep track of every meeting so nothing falls through the cracks

Easy click availability

Automatically share availability & calculate timezones

Automatic holds

Track times you've offered with shadow holds on Cabinet or place real holds.

Collaborative scheduling

Give your colleages or boss visibility of pending meetings


Calendar insights

Become more efficient with calendar analytics


Relationship management

Better manage the important people in your life, and on your calendar.

Unique booking links

Send times your way

Remove the hassle of back and forth emails. Offer times to recipients in a variety of different ways, depending on the people you are trying to get in the room.

Group scheduling polls

Collect poll results

Avoid lengthy email threads when scheduling with large groups. Send a group scheduling poll to collect times that work for the majority.


Calendar Insights

Analyze Calendars

Calendars are full of inefficiencies. Instantly, get a macro-perspective on your time-spent, identify any weaknesses, and create more time in your life. You can do this for your calendar or for a colleague you support.


Seamlessly integrates with your existing calendars and conference software


We are real humans who are here to support you through your decision-making process and utilization.

SOC 2 Certificate & SSO-Enablement

Security is our top priority. We are SOC2 compliant and apply the highest security standards to our cloud infrastructure.

Team onboarding

Ensure your team is getting the most with Cabinet with frequent check-ins and a thorough onboarding process.

Team custom requests

If you think of something you’re team would like to see in the app, you can work with Cabinet to scope out the specification.

Why Cabinet?

See how we compare to Calendly and others.

Other platforms


Scheduling automation with the human in the loop - making every relationship feel important.

Automation that makes people feel like your time is more important than theirs


Native collaboration that makes it easy for colleagues to see what you're scheduling

Working in silos creating double-booking chaos


An emphasis on the big picture so you can be more productive

Lengthy processes to do analyses or none at all

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