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Hello, we are the founders of Cabinet.

And my name is Julia. I am the person on the right.

Before going to graduate school and starting Cabinet with Evan, I was just like you. I supported multiple leaders with everything.


Need a trip booked? On it.

Is the web conference tool not working again? Let me see what I can do.

Have a very important meeting coming up? How can I help. 


Helping others has always been in my DNA, which is why I loved my job. However, as a team of one with no other assistants to count on, I often felt alone. Unlike other business functions, I didn't have a big team to turn to for advice or recommendations, who could listen to my questions and say "I've been there. Here's what I would do." 

We built Cabinet in 2018 to make work more enjoyable and efficient for assistants. And we started with a social network because as one Cabinet member put it to us, "assistants are the original social network."


We know there are Facebook groups, trade groups and LinkedIn groups to turn to for support, but Cabinet is unique because it is organized with the level of detail and structure assistants expect. Also, it's a professional and positive space :)

Every day we learn more and more about the administrative profession and how it's evolving. You all inspire us to continue improving the product experience and pushing the boundary of what's possible. 

We are truly appreciative of your support, feedback, and all the lessons you've shared on Cabinet. 

Please feel free to reach out and say hello!

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