Meeting Transcription Tools for Executive Assistants

As an executive assistant, you have so many projects going on and multiple tasks to manage all at once. As an executive assistant, you frequently have to take notes. Sometimes when writing notes, we can’t take everything down. There is a solution for this. We are talking about meeting transcription tools that can help you in taking quick notes and complete details of your meeting. But do you know which are the best executive assistant tools you should use in 2021? There are a few out there that you can use that will enhance your work quality and experience. Just read on!

Transcription is an excellent skill to practice in our meetings worldwide. You can try to make written records of anything, to enhance the understanding of your online content. Consider going through the following helpful tools that can help transcribe better with the below admin software.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is the most used and famous tool for transcription tasks. It is specifically designed to provide you professional transcription service. Moreover, it is free to use the tool so everyone can have access to it. A premium version is also available, but you can use a free version to fulfill your needs. You can install it easily on a Mac or PC.

It has a customizable user interface that allows you to control everything the way you want to. You can take quick notes by using Express Scribe by adjusting Playback speed and other options.


Otter is another amazing tool that can make your life simple and easier. With the help of Otter, you can have easy access to your transcribed meetings.  You just have to search for the recording or meeting that you have transcribed earlier. You can do so by the voice recognition search method. This method is even easier.

Another surprising feature of Otter is that it offers you a convenient recording and evaluation of your transcribed text. Also, you can access your data from any device.

The best part of this amazing tool is that you can share your transcribed day with your colleagues and get their reviews on it.


Zoom is another fantastic option you can opt for the transcription of your meetings as an assistant executive. Zoom allows you to get multiple benefits from it. You can arrange a virtual meeting on Zoom. Also, it allows you to record that meeting.

Additionally, it also provides you with a transcription feature. It has a pro tool that allows you to transcribe the audio of your business meeting. This transcript file gets saved in a separate folder named ‘Recorded sessions' You can access your transcribed files and download them easily.


The Grain is being used by thousands of executive assistants all over the world. It allows you to arrange virtual meetings for hundreds of people, transcribe your meetings and organize them in a better way. You can have lifetime access to your transcribed meetings, and these files are shareable with mates and colleagues.

Wrapping Up the Discussion!

We must wrap up the discussion now by saying that there are a lot of free tools you can use for the transcription of your meetings and conferences. We have chosen the best for you. Now it is your time to decide about your favorite tool from the above list!

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