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How to Use Software to Track Time Effectively

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As an admin, time tracking is so important, especially when it comes to performance review time. Say what? Here is a little hack for you, to show just how valuable your time is and how your behind the scenes work, is contributing to the bottom line ~ track everything!  I always want to show how my time is being spent, on those little things, that are being forgotten but how your executive didn’t have to spend their time doing them. 

Here are a few admin software apps I like to use to help track my time. 


The interface for Harvest is amazing! It makes it really easy to add your time to specific projects-- and guess what, it integrates so seamlessly into Asana. I am able to go into my task/project list, click on the Harvest icon and start the time and then close it out once I have completed the project. 


This is the one I use when I’m working on research projects because it’s integration into Google Chrome and Google Docs. First, the Chrome extension was a game changer for me. I am able to select the project/task I am working on and start the clock. I can keep doing my research and then when I close the browser, I also remember to stop the clock. This is very similar in the Google Docs as well. 


If you live and die, by your calendar like I do, Clockify helps me track my time right on the calendar. I like to use my Gmail to add tasks to my calendar and give myself due dates, with the Clockify integration I’m able to start a time on each of these tasks and easily audit how I spent my time

Cabinet If you are like me and support a couple of executives, keeping your time spent and task lists can sometimes get overwhelming. I use Cabinet to help me keep both straight, I can easily create a to-do list, assign it to an executive and keep track of how much time is spent on each of them. I am able to create recurring tasks as well and it helps me assess how long it takes to complete each time.

All of these are great tools for executive assistants and admins in similar roles.

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