How to Plan a Better Office Holiday Party This Year

The annual office holiday party is a place to relax, sip champagne and casually discuss holiday plans with colleagues. You're going skiing in Vermont? Awesome! With the kids? The hor d'oeuvres, music and decorations expunge work thoughts from our head and allow people to connect on a personal level.That is, unless you are a member of the office administrative staff.Without administrative assistants and office managers, these events would hardly come to fruition - at least not to the level we love and look forward to each December.As Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and other holidays quickly approach, many assistants on Cabinet have been discussing the logistics of planning these parties. They are asking other Cabinet members everything from private venue recommendations to creative party favors.This time of year can be incredibly busy, so we want to help the party planners this year by suggesting some creative ways to make your holiday party stand out, and not just because of the decorations and food. Sometimes, holiday parties are better spent at venues outside the normal office space or restaurant.

Traditional Holiday Parties with Flair

Many companies opt for traditional gatherings around the holidays. This usually means renting a private room somewhere (finding these private rooms was one of the biggest drivers for starting Cabinet), selecting appetizers and beer and wine off a menu, and maybe finding entertainment like a DJ. If you are looking for something to spice up the night, consider adding some holiday-theme additions, such as:

  1. Christmas Jeopardy - with prizes like headphones or Swell water bottles.
  2. White elephant party
  3. Secret santa

For Competitive Folks

Some teams like to stretch their bodies and minds during the holidays. What brings teams together better than having to find your way out of a prison cell?

  1. TopGolf
  2. Axe Throwing - Sounds intimidating but is actually a lot of FUN!
  3. Escape the Room

For Creatives

When you have some extra funds, there are few artistic activities at your disposal, like hiring a musician to play to your team in an intimate setting with wine & cheese, or even renting a box at a major arena for well known rock bands.

  1. Make your own art (paint, ceramics, glass, terrariums) party
  2. Hire a small band to play
  3. Rent a box for a major concert

For Foodies

Last but not least, food and beverage based events are always a hit. Here are a few spins on traditional dinner, drinks or cookie parties.

  1. Make your own meal at a restaurant with a real chef
  2. Wine or whiskey tastings
  3. Baking class for holiday cookies