Helpful Productivity Tools for Admins

As an assistant, your goal/job/life mission is to make other lives easier. Anything that can help you do that quicker is something that you hold sacred in your arsenal. We’ve used Facebook, LinkedIn, texts to co-workers, friends of friends. The internet has made our search easier.

Here are some sites that I have found helpful and use daily/weekly/monthly/as needed.

Trello ~ I use the free site, they have a business site as well. I like free and will stay with it until I realize there is a feature or two that business has, then I will upgrade. This site will help you keep tasks organized by the individual working on it and you add your contacts and create a team. You’ll then have an eye on what your team is doing. Trello will allow you to upload attachments to the project, add notes and a white board format that you can add too. There are apps that you can take with your cellphone or tablet/iPad. ***

Asana ~ This one has 4 different packages you can choose from. Free (my preferred option), Premium, Business and Enterprise. Enterprise is for those that would like an extra layer of security features. Business is for those companies who would like the teams working together collaborate and Premium gives you to a few more options then the free version; templates, assign tasks to individuals. Asana will allow you to create projects online and keep track of the timeline. Similar to MS Project, In My Opinion. **

OneNote – Anything Microsoft, I like. This will allow you to create a project/schedule and assign tasks to others. There is also a Notebook area. You can take minutes from meetings here, do a family shopping list, DIYs, etc. Then you can link accounts. If you want to link your personal and business emails, you can keep everything together and take it with you. They make it simple, they have online training tools to easily access what you need help with. This tool will help you organize life or your day job or family schedules. ****

Cabinet – I’ve only used Cabinet a handful of times. When I first heard about it, I thought this was a great tool for anyone looking for information. The user can go online and ask questions… “Where is a good place for a board dinner in Albuquerque?” to “What do you need to travel to Madagascar?” The people answering are other users, so the information is first hand or what they have found useful. Then Cabinet also has a paid version where you can keep track of items. I do use this service as it keeps everything in one place for my executives. I have not been able to find another location that I trust to put these until now.

Another week, another blog. I could see me doing this more often.