A Tribute to Wunderlist

In case you haven't heard the big news, Wunderlist will be shutting down in May as Microsoft Todo takes over. Unfortunately, not everyone is too happy about it. Take for example these Wunderlist users on Twitter:

Wunderlist was an amazing task management tool that was well-loved by many, including myself. But what was it about Wunderlist that made a simple to-do list so special? I've compiled the top 3 features that made Wunderlist so Wunder-ful:

Collaborative Feature

Have a project you're working on together with your co-workers? Want your friends to know what you're up to today? Wunderlist's collaborative feature allowed you to do just that. You could send and share your lists with others via email and work together on a list, making it a popular feature amongst teams. What I loved about this feature was the commenting where my colleagues could comment on a shared task, giving me live updates on that task. Commenting made Wunderlist a lot more engaging and interactive, a nice twist to the usual mundane to-do list.

Visual Progress Bar

For every task we have, there would be subtasks. Take for example scheduling a meeting between your executive and a client - you'll need to book a meeting room, send calendar invites, prepare deliverables and more. With Wunderlists visual progress bar, each time I ticked a subtask off, the bar would slowly fill up. This gave a nice overview of my day's progress and it helped me visualise what I got done that day.

Distinctive Design

Instead of just a dull solid white background, Wunderlist allowed you to choose from dozens of different picturesque backgrounds, from New York City's skyline to Cherry Blossoms, creating a more personalised and emotional touch to your task management platform. I personally loved my calming blue background of water droplets, paradoxical to the storm of tasks I have.

Satisfying "Ding" Sound

Ticking a task off your to-do list sure is satisfying, and Wunderlist amplifies that sense of satisfaction with a sleek "ding" sound every time you did so. That that riveting "ding" was one of the best sounds to hear after a long day of work, and if you won't take it from me, take it from this Wunderlist user:

Despite the uproar against Wunderlist's departure, there are still other users that love Microsoft Todo. Comment what you think down below - I'd love to hear your thoughts on on Wunderlist's departure, as well as what other productivity tools you use!

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