4 Tools for Tracking Meetings to be Scheduled

I think the sales analyst in me loves templates. If you like to have things organized, all in the right space, in the same format that you left it in, then like me, you like templates.

Now as an assistant, one of our duties is calendar management/time management. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve given out the same days/times to multiple people only to then have 2 sometimes more and they all want the same slot. Or I don’t hold the time that was provided and end up giving it someone else that came along.

As my career has progressed over the years, I’ve tried to find the best option that works for me. I’ve use the colors in the calendar as a notation that it is a hold only to have it given out by my executive. I’ve tried notebooks, scraps of paper, post its, plus many more options.

  1. Then I thought why not look into templates. Microsoft Suite has many templates that you can use and tweak to your own liking. I personally prefer Excel. You can manipulate the cells and make things pretty. I have a sheet for each exec and when the meeting is scheduled, I cross it off the list.

2. SmartSheets has some great templates as well to use. These will help you categorize each person that you arrange schedules for. You can use colors, pages, sections, ect to help keep you organized.

3. There is also the good ole' fashioned calendar, which I use occasionally. This way your Execs can also see that you have contacted people, as they have been requested and are awaiting a response from the other party still.

4. Cabinet is currently testing one and I cannot wait for it to launch! I will definitely use this once it does. Along with their task lists.

I hope these templates help you stay organizes amidst the chaotic calendaring landscape.

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