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Imagine a simple way to keep track of your leaders

Introducing Cabinet's SaaS platform, an all-in-one manager tracker that enables you to stay on top of your leaders' life. 

The "little black book" for being the best assistant possible

Cabinet ensures assistants are always prepared with organized information, insights and updates tailored towards you and your leaders needs. 

A Hub for information

Cabinet is a one-stop shop for all your leaders' information:

- Airline loyalty numbers

- Restaurant and hotel preferences

- Known traveler number, car license  plates, kids' birthdays, and so much more.

Keep track of your leader

Whether a flight is delayed or a subscription is about to expire, let Cabinet notify you in the app, by text message or email. 

Supports multiple leaders and assistants

Create profiles for all of your leaders and securely share that data with your leader, fellow assistants, spouses and more. 

Get approval for flights seamlessly

Send flight options and receive feedback in seconds. No more typing out complicated travel options.

We've engineered Cabinet Platform with an uncompromising degree of security to keep you leaders' most critical information private, secure, and hidden (even from us). We deploy cutting-edge encryption practices and two-factor authentication.

Your privacy is our priority