Community Guidelines

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Here at Cabinet, we are building a community for Executive Assistants and Assistants alike to connect and share professional tips and recommendations. We are also committed to ensuring that this is a safe and professional platform for all our users. Thus, we came up with 10 simple community guidelines that will help us to maintain a relevant and safe shared space for everyone on Cabinet:

1. Be respectful to all members. Not everyone on Cabinet might share the same sentiments as you and many will have different perspectives on different issues. Be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members. Essentially, treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. Be helpful and relevant. Content you post should be related to the topic in question and based on your own opinions and experience. Selling or promoting irrelevant content will not be tolerated.

3. Give credit where credit is due. Only upload resources that you have created and own. Otherwise, make sure that you credit the source.

4. Be sincere. Contribute content with a purpose to inspire and enable fellow EA's.

5. Be specific. Give more context and specificity when posting a question, answer, resource or recommendation. EA's may be heroes but they still can't read your mind!

6. Encourage each other. Give feedback, support and empower your fellow EA's. Everyone is stronger together.

7. Be transparent and true. Represent yourself like you are and post information that is your own. Don't lie about your affiliations or titles.

8. Be professional. While Cabinet is a community platform for meant for EA's like yourself to be comfortable and express yourself, do so from a professional stand point!

9. Be nice. Do not post derogatory, discriminatory or illegal content.

10. Lastly, be your awesome self and enjoy Cabinet!
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