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Can I use Cabinet with my EA?

Yes, we provide collaboration within the Pro tier. You can sign up or your EA can join and invite the other.

Can I use Cabinet for myself?

Yes, Cabinet is built to support EAs and people without EAs. Being built by EAs, we know how to provide you with the most streamlined tools that still keep the human touch - the beauty of an admin.

If I have a Google and Microsoft calendar, can I integrate both onto Cabinet?

You can! We can support both calendar types and are working at allowing you to have multiple domains for each platform as well. Stay tuned.

If I support multiple executives with scheduling, can I use Cabinet?

Yes, Cabinet is intended to help even the busiest of EAs with multiple calendars and multiple executives.

Can my whole team sign up for Cabinet?

Yes, your whole team can use Cabinet under the Professional plan. We welcome individual schedulers managing their own calendars and executive assistants scheduling on behalf of others.

Can I see a Demo of Cabinet before signing up?

We are happy to give private demos to people exploring Cabinet for their team. If that's you, use this link to schedule time with us.

How is Cabinet different than my calendar?

Great question! Cabinet exists to to support your calendar, not replace it. We help you initiate meetings, track meetings that haven't landed, and analyze your time-spent in meetings. Think of it as Smart Calendar Management for busy people.

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