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Hello, we are the founders of Cabinet

My name is Julia and I am the person on the right.​ Before going to graduate school and starting Cabinet with Evan, I was just like you. I supported multiple leaders with scheduling, travel and everything else.

Need a trip booked? On it.
Is the conferencing tool not working? Let me see what I can do.
Have an important meeting coming up? Tell me how I can help.

Helping others has always been in my DNA, which is why I loved my job supporting executives, and why I love my new job at Cabinet - building technologies that connect and empower administrative professionals.

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Why the name?

The term 'cabinet' has a few layers of symbolism. As assistants, we use cabinets every day to store important information and items that we want to keep safe in our offices. In addition, when we think of the word 'cabinet' we are also reminded of the term used to describe a leader's board of advisors. We firmly believe that administrative professionals acting in their fullest potential are just that: strategic advisors for their leaders.

Getting on board with Cabinet is easy, and we think you'll love what you find.

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