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Task Management

Stay on top of your to-do list from your phone or desktop and sort your tasks to increase productivity.

Secure Storage

Access and share your leaders' relevant data, such as travel preferences and info, in one secure spot.

Data Analytics

Track your accomplishments over time and automatically compile them for performance reviews.

Cabinet helps you stay productive no matter where you are working from

Show Your Accomplishments


How often do you get to performance review season and forget all of the amazing things you did? With Cabinet Plus, you no longer have to keep track in an excel document. Every task you complete, gets sorted and counted in beautiful charts to wow your manager.

Feature coming soon.

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Executive vaults for details


Whether you're working from your desk or from your kids' soccer game, Cabinet keeps all your executives' key details at your fingertips, yet encrypted and out of the hands of hackers. Store loyalty numbers, unused airline credits, favorite restaurants, spouses' names and so much more.

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Share information securely


Assign your colleagues access to specific pieces of data about your executive, or collaborate with them on items on your to-do list. You can set access to finite periods, like when you're out of the office on maternity leave or during those weeks when you're up to your neck in expense reports.

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Trusted by over fifty Fortune 500 companies

“With only one other EA at Global Prairie, I am grateful for this time-saving platform and the other knowledgeable administrative professionals at my fingertips!”
Laura Swallows, Executive Assistant, Global Prairie
"Cabinet has helped me connect with other admins, gain valuable skills and even pick a career direction.  I’m thankful for the community and all the advice."
Marjen Jafarbay, Executive Assistant, Anitian

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